Tithing Through Hard Times

The Economic Atheist series led my husband and I to tithe consistently and faithfully. This has been quite a challenge for us, thinking that this money could go toward our debt. My husband and I have a strong convicted desire to give financially above our tithe, to give to the John C. Maxwell Leadership Center and to our community in need. First we must pay off our debt, which is so incredibly treacherous. We owe approximately $24,000 in combined debt.

My husband was in-between jobs when we married. The income was not enough and was not steady, so I decided to take on a nanny position. This job was extremely appealing to me because I could bring my 6 month old son to work with me everyday. From the very beginning of our relationship, we started to put things on credit because we didn’t have any money. I can remember feeling so much animosity toward my husband because I had to put my wedding rings on a credit card that only held my name. About 2 months into our marriage we decided to start a photography business. We weren’t sure if it would work, but we both jumped at the idea in hopes of a good income. To start this business we put everything that we bought on credit in hope to be able to pay it all off once we started to make some money. Today, we are still paying on those credit cards. As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating. Eighteen months ago my husband made a switch in careers and is now in commercial real estate. We have been praying for the Lord to direct this career path and to either open doors if this was His will, or slam them shut to make it completely obvious that this switch in career was not His will. Small doors continue to open and God graciously provides for our every need. We have 3 small children that we home school and constantly need to hold off on buying anything beyond the necessity. Our family has enormous faith and belief that God has everything in his control and works it all to his own Glory.

This March, I stumbled upon a fun opportunity. A close friend of mine and I were on the phone catching up on each others lives. This amazing woman was my matron of honor in our wedding. She had been telling me about her job working with a direct sales company, Dove Chocolate Discoveries. I was so intrigued, I just kept asking questions and with each answer I had a stronger conviction that this was for me. I could spend a minimal amount of time with this business and make a bit on an income to help pay our financial responsibilities.

It would bring me such pleasure and Joy to use my business with Dove Chocolate Discoveries, as my vehicle, with God being the driver, and allow it to explode so that I can pay off debt and have the privilege to give back to a good cause. I would like to commit to giving a percentage (above my tithe), to the John C. Maxwell Leadership Center each month.

I utilize Chocolate Tasting Parties as my main stream of sales. It would be so encouraging to me if you could please pray for my business. Pray that the Lord will work through me for His own Glory and that if it be his Will, I generate income to use to help others. This is my true passion under this business, helping others.

In Him,


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