12Stone Home

What is 12Stone Home?

12Stone Home is an expression of the church where people gather together in their homes & neighborhoods for worship, community & impact. For more info, check out our FAQ section below.


A night for community and worship

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What are people saying

“Leading a home gathering is like a life hack to building community. You're genuinely learning, growing and doing life together. It's been one of the most meaningful things I've ever gotten to do. ”
Alex Carney 12Stone Home Leader
“Every Sunday at 12Stone Home is the best day of the week! We are rowdy crew at The Barn and we love it! Feels like home.”
Dean Smith 12Stone Home Leader
“I'm honestly just grateful to be able to lead and pastor my own group of people. My relationships have never been tighter. So thankful.”
Michael Lane 12Stone Home Leader

Find a Home Gathering

Keep it simple & get engaged with 12Stone Home by reaching out to connect to a gathering in your area or to simply chat with a Home Pastor to answer your personal questions about 12Stone Home.

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Kids Resources

We’ve curated meaningful & engaging content for your kids at home to engage with while your enjoy your own unique worship experience. Alongside personalized videos, we provide you with a leader guide & activity for Pre-K & Elementary.

12Stone Home Kids

Host a 12Stone Home

Being part of a 12Stone Home gathering is powerful. Hosting one can be life changing. Through curated resources, personalized coaching & connection to our team, we can help you host your own official 12Stone Home gathering.

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12Stone Home is more than watching a service in a house instead of a church building. It’s a community of people who care for one another and care for their neighborhood. It gives people an opportunity to be more than casual observers and consumers of church, it moves them towards participating and actually being the Church.

Home gatherings are at the core of 12Stone Home where groups of people gather to worship together once a week & stay connected all week long. As relationships deepen, compassion and care for one another impacts your community & neighborhood.

For the worship gathering, most meet in homes but others meet in neighborhood pavilions, restaurants and pubs. There are 12Stone Home gatherings around the physical 12Stone Church region (5 GA counties), our extended region (2 hours), nationwide and worldwide.

Relational & relaxed. Gathering together for 12Stone Home is less like an event and more of a lifestyle together. The idea is to be as organic and authentic as possible.

12Stone Home gatherings are led by vetted and trained leaders. They host worship experiences, keep the focus on community, pastor their people and inspire the gathering towards blessing their neighbors.

To see if there’s a 12Stone Home gathering close to you, fill out the interest form. We’ll get you connected to a local leader. If there’s not one in your area & you would like to be trained to host one, we are here to help!

Conversations, community & connection. You’ll be able to spend time with friends & family, enjoy the service together, have some coffee or snacks if you want and even have a conversation around what God is saying to you through the teaching

Everybody needs community. A 12Stone Home gathering can absolutely be your community! No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, you’ll find a safe place to be together & explore the teachings of Jesus.