Remember the Lord, who is and fight for your families
NEHEMIAH 1:5 · 4:14


Our world today is filled with people whose lives are very broken. Like Nehemiah, we team up at 12Stone to rebuild broken lives — marriages, dreams, families, and futures — to experience life to the full in Christ.

With so much on the line, we who call 12Stone home are about to team up in a new way for a great and awesome season. Each one of us is invited to invest in five distinct expressions over the next two to three years.

  • Dig:

    What if we invest a million dollars in wells and clean water to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people?
  • Kids:

    What if we invest a million dollars to serve and change the lives of kids who are among the least?
  • Train:

    What if we develop and train 150 next-generation kingdom leaders and more?
  • Build:

    What if we get each of the five new campuses into their own 24/7 ministry space in the next two to three years?
  • Launch:

    What if we could launch another campus or two?


How far away are you from clean drinking water?

Is it down the hall? Is a bottle sitting on your desk?

For over 21 million people in Kenya and Haiti clean water can be five miles away. On an average women and children walk 3 hours a day to retrieve water.

12Stone is investing 1.2 million dollars though our global partner 410 Bridge establishing high volume wells.


Haiti Map


Kenya Map


People will be impacted by this investment providing 60-65 safe water access points.


People in Kenya and Haiti have access to clean water that can be more than five miles away.


People die every day because of dirty-water diseases. That’s more than natural disasters, war, hunger or aids.



Kids Distinct Expressions

12Stone wants to be a part of helping kids re-set their circumstances along the way. From those who are in Foster care, to kids in need of a home, to kids who drop out of school, we are going to take new steps to partner with those changing the lives of at risk kids.


When it comes to training
the next generation of ministry leaders,
what’s on the line?

"Everything" is on the line,
because "Everything rises and falls on Leadership."

- John C. Maxwell




Over the next 2-3 years our goal is to get each of the 5 new campuses into a “24/7” ministry space. One might be a big box lease, another a re-purposed existing building, or another construction from the ground up.

There’s more on the line than brick, mortar and real estate:

“Buildings are tools to reach people, raise disciples, reach students, train up our kids, heal marriages and families and worship God.”
- Kevin Myers

In Nehemiah’s day, God placed tools in the hands of people who were committed to rebuilding their broken walls and broken lives. God still gives us tools today in the form of buildings and financial resources to grow and serve His Kingdom.


What if we're not done?

In May 2013, we cast the vision to launch 5 campuses in 5 years. Who knew we’d end up starting all 5 simultaneously? During the next 2-3 years we will prayerfully look at pioneering our next campus (or two)!

Equally exciting is what we get to celebrate with church planting. Our first partner church plant, “Church Experience” in Tampa Bay, Florida has already seen 50 people come to Christ in their first few months! During this Great & Awesome season we will look into investing into another partner church plant.