Going on a Trip

  • Pray

    The most important aspect of trip preparation is prayer. Praying and asking God if He is sending you to go and take part in the Great Commission. (Hint: If you are reading this, chances are you have already heard His whisper in your heart and are not here by accident.) The next step is to pray about where God might have you go. Is your heart burdened by a specific cause, demographic, people group, country, or region?

  • Apply

    After your have prayed and feel like you have received direction from the Lord on what trip He has called you to, apply for that trip.

  • Acceptance

    Your application is reviewed by our Global Outreach team and if you are accepted, you will be contacted by your trip leader. Your faith journey begins!

  • Passport

    Once contacted by your trip leader, you will be instructed to begin your passport application process. This usually takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks. For a link and specific instructions on how to obtain your very own passport visit the Common Questions page.

  • Vaccinations

    Your leader will advise you to make an appointment with your local licensed physician. The CDC and US Department of State each strongly recommend travelers to receive country specific vaccinations before departing on their trip. Simply make an appointment, tell your doctor the country you will be visiting, and let them take care of the rest!

  • Support Training

    Raising support can seem like a daunting goal for those who have not been trained. One of Satan’s most powerful tools in deterring people from participating in their part of the Great Commission can sound something like this, “The trip is how much? I can’t afford that. So now I have to ask other people for money? There is no way I am going to beg other people for money because _____.” The words may be a bit different but the technique is the same.

    Let our trained and experienced leaders teach you how to raise support and show you examples of people raising support in scripture. God provides in abundance for what He calls His children to. Seeing God come through when you can’t do it on your own can be one of the greatest faith building journeys of your life. All you have to do is pray, pick up your sword, and engage!

  • Spiritual Preparation

    One of the most important things you need to prepare before your trip is your heart. Prayer is an absolutely vital part of your spiritual and overall preparation. Your leader will show you how to pray and prepare your heart for your faith journey.

  • Pack

    How do you pack for a place you’ve never been to do something you’ve never done? Not to worry. You will be instructed on what you will need based on the trip, ministry, culture, and country you will be serving.

  • Go

    The time has finally come and God has readied you for the people He has called you to love! Grab your bags, meet at the church, and head to the airport with your team.

  • Love

    You get to do what Jesus did in the most real and raw way. Pray for the sick, tell the orphan that there is a Father in Heaven who loves them, disciple local believers, and share the good news of Jesus Christ. There is no limit to what the Holy Spirit could do through you and maybe even in your own heart.

  • Return and Share

    Come home and send out letters to your supporters telling them what God did on your trip!  Give God the glory and tell your friends, small group, co-workers, family and others about the ways the Holy Spirit moved like you had never seen before.

Still have a question about going on a trip? Check out our common questions page.