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Message: Easter 2013

How do you get to heaven? PK taught us the difference between “BEHOLD” and “BE GOOD.” BEHOLD? Pay attention, look, see something unexpected! (the bridge) BE GOOD? (Luke 15) A: Our salvation –  Getting to heaven rests on BEHOLD (God forgives & gives a new heart) not BE GOOD! Q: What are you relying on […]


Message: Win With Conversation

Scripture References: Genesis 12 & 20; Philippians 2 1) This is How Abe Rolls – Looks to his own interest 2) This is How Jesus Rolls – Looks to the interest of others “You have to want more for them than from them” 3) This is How Crucial Conversations Roll Crucial Conversation is when 3 things Converge:


Message: Win With Consistency

Q: What is the #1 reason for Disappointment? A: Unmet Expectations PK proposed that the number one cause of disappointment and divorce in marriage, and in other areas of our life, is unmet expectations. He called unmet expectations silent killers and encouraged that if we want to see less disappointment and more positive change in […]


Message: Destination and Donuts

Today’s message by Pastor Kevin (PK) is the first in a series on making marriage last. The title was chosen as a metaphor to inspire us to make marriage long-lasting like the Corvette (which celebrates 60 years of production this year), a two-seater love affair (not a three-seater or a singleton), and fun! Focusing on […]


Message: Physical Breakthru

There are two parts of us—outward and inward. God is interested in both. Our bodies matter to God. He used the body as a metaphor for the Church. He sent His Spirit to live in our bodies. The goal for our bodies is not to be thin but to glorify God. We are to make […]


Message: Financial Breakthru – Week 3

Today’s message is the third and final in the Financial Breakthrough series. In last week’s message, PK discussed one of the Ten Commandments, “Thou shall not covet.” He challenged us to take the steps necessary to move from coveting to contentment. This week’s message was PK’s annual, candid conversation about tithing. How, you might ask, […]


Message: Financial Breakthru – Week 2

Today’s message is week two in the Financial Breakthrough Series. This week PK discussed one of the Ten Commandments; “Thou shall not covet.” PK challenged that as we covet and become more focused on the “stuff” in life that we wander from our faith in God. He encouraged that God has a recipe for winning […]


Message: Financial Breakthru – Week 1

What do you build your life on? Fulfillment or fun? Fulfillment has meaning, Fun has moments, Always put fulfillment before fun! Need to Know: 1) Fun first will break your budget and leave you twice empty. 2) Fulfillment first proves more significant over time. (Fun proves less significant over time.) Need to Do: Stop impulse […]


Message: Spiritual Breakthru – Week 2

Jesus’ Question Will you accept me as your Teacher? The goal of Jesus’ teaching is growth. 4 observations on spiritual growth Spiritual Growth is a choice. Spiritual Growth can be choked out. (What apps do you need to delete?) Spiritual Growth can be cultivated. Result of Spiritual Growth is reproduction. Isaiah 61:3 Luke 2:52 Matthew […]


Message: Clean Slate

What do you need God to help you with for a clean slate in 2013?  


Message: The Work of Waiting

Kevin Queen helped us look at various aspects of waiting—why we hate waiting, what we fear when waiting, and how God is working while we wait. 3 reasons we hate to wait: Unoccupied Time: The fear of wasting time. Feedback: The fear of being forgotten. Justice: The fear of someone taking advantage of us. The […]


Message: I Pray When…

One Conviction: Prevail in Prayer to Prevail in Life! 1) Prevail over Sin (Matthew 8:1-­‐4) a) Repentance Road 1) You’re Lord 2) I’m a Leper 3) Please Cleanse me b) 3 Traps on Repentance Road 1) Worthless Quitter 2) Excused Victim 3) Hard Hearted Truth: 1 John 1:9; 2:1-­‐2 2) Persist in Prayer (Luke 18:1-­‐8) […]


Message: I Pray For Our Nation

Despite opposition by jealous peers and threat of death, Daniel stayed true to his faith and his commitment to pray three times daily to the one true God. In this message, PK draws from Daniel’s prayer for his nation in chapter 9 and highlights the importance of bringing the circumstances of one’s nations and politics […]


Message: Get Wisdom

Wisdom is the God-given ability to see life with rare ____________ and to handle life with rare ______________. Wisdom in parenting is ________________   _________________. The Beginning:  ________________ is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 9:10) The 3 Irreducible Boundaries: R___________________________ S______ – ________________ F______________________


Message: The Culture

Main Thought: Where there is no F________, the People P__________ (Matthew 7:15-27, page 972) 3 Practices: •    B________ a Filter for W__________ •    B___ a Filter for R_______________ •    B______ a Filter for I____________ * Q:  Which of the 3 practices need more practice?


Message: The Freedom

One Life Principle: There is NO Freedom without Boundaries Earthly Anchors (…of boundary setting) Eternal Anchors (…of boundary living, Jonah) ~ Book of Jonah, page 925 Q:  Is it time for you to ‘get right’ with God? “Let them give up their evil ways and their violence.  Who knows? God may yet relent and with […]