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Message: It’s A Steal

This teaching focused on Leviticus 19:11. God’s message, loosely paraphrased, says, “I am HOLY. Here is my fence of favor: Do not steal and do not cheat the economic cycle by cheating others. I am the LORD your God!”


Message: Fence of Favor

Kicking off a five-week Economic Atheist series, Pastor Kevin (PK) posed the question, “Can you be a Christian and an Atheist?” atheist – someone who believes that there is no God. economic atheist – someone who believes (or behaves as if) there is no God over their personal finances


Message: Art of Forgiveness

Mistakes are part of the process and even in the most extreme mess-ups; something can be rendered from the art work. There is certain ‘forgiveness’ to art. Lewis Smedes writes: “Forgiveness is an art, maybe the most neglected of the healing arts. Forgiveness is the art of healing wounds inflicted by other people’s wrongs.”


Message: Dissatisfaction

Let’s Be Candid: Every marriage knows seasons or cycles of Dissatisfaction Every marriage does not know ‘how to’ mature through Dissatisfaction Let’s Be Courageous: Marriage maturity starts/sustains with “No Options” (Optional thinking leads to optional living.) You cannot have 20 years of maturity in a 5 year marriage, but you can have 5 years of […]


Message: 00’s – Decade Of Self

Pastor Kevin Queen (KQ) showed us how the self-obsession birthed in the 70’s has been perfected in the 2000’s. What started as a fight for individualism and greater self-esteem has ended in narcissism and self-centeredness.


Message: Inconvenient Faith

In Matthew 7: 24-29, Jesus compares our lives to a house that either can be built on sand or on rock. We will experience different results when facing a storm according to where we have decided to build. Pastor Kevin (PK) used this parable from the Sermon on the Mount to point out three inconvenient […]