Preschool Parent Connect: June 25

Dear Parents,

We are excited to partner with you as you teach your preschool kids about Jesus! Below, you will find details about the lesson we learned this week and a helpful activity to reinforce the lesson at home.

Bible Story: David and Goliath

In this week’s lesson, the young David acts bravely and does what God wants him to do by fighting the giant Goliath. You can watch the Bible story video here.

Read more in 1 Samuel 17:1-50.

Memory Verse: Ephesians 2:10 NCV

“God made us to do good works.”

Home Activity: Pillow Fort

Grab pillows and blankets with your child to build a fort. Spend some time together inside your fort–don’t forget a flashlight! While inside the fort and with the flashlight on, each of you share something that scares you. Explain to your child that God is always with us, and we can talk to Him when we are afraid. Just like David had to be brave when he fought Goliath, we can be brave, too!