The Risk of Not Praying

Prayer moves things in heaven to move things on earth. When you don’t pray, you risk missing out on the fullness of all God wants to do.  That’s because you can’t have the full engagement of God unless you’re fully engaged in prayer.

If you’re struggling to pray, ask yourself where else you’re struggling in your faith. Is your belief or your obedience faltering?

Awakened By God

Scripture: John 21

  1. Confess any known sin.
  2. Remove doubtful things.
  3. Practice instant obedience.
  4. Publicly confess Jesus.

You were made to be Awake to God.

Sin -> Shame -> Hide -> Pretend

Two forms of confession:

  • Confess to God.
  • Confess to another person.

What you want to conceal the most is what you need to reveal the most because that is where you will heal the most.