If Not Me, Then Who?

If we don’t take action, who will? The answer is no one. That’s a haunting thought. But there is good news!

We were created by God with a purpose to do good works, which He prepared for us to do. We are the answer. God has placed us right where we are to solve problems and fill needs that we see around us. What a privilege that we are God’s answer and that He will give us the courage to take action.

Praying for Others

An extraordinary life comes from praying extra prayers for others. Look around you for someone fighting a significant battle and pray for them consistently.

Do you struggle to remember people’s prayer requests? Immediate prayer (praying on the spot with someone when they ask you to pray for them) is one of the best ways to make sure you remember to lift their requests to God.

God is More Present

Life changing lesson from Asa: God is more present than we think (we are not alone) and invites us to “lean-in” to his presence!

God is more present than we think (we are not alone).

And he invites us to “lean” to his presence

Q: How would I live if I knew God was more present?

A: I’d “Lean In” … (transform my ABC’s)

  • Anxiety
  • Behavior
  • Courage


Let’s Be Candid:

  • Every marriage knows seasons or cycles of Dissatisfaction
  • Every marriage does not know ‘how to’ mature through Dissatisfaction

Let’s Be Courageous:

  • Marriage maturity starts/sustains with “No Options” (Optional thinking leads to optional living.)
  • You cannot have 20 years of maturity in a 5 year marriage, but you can have 5 years of maturity in 20 years of marriage
  • If your dissatisfaction is not rooted, it will uproot your marriage (John 15:1-8)