Scripture: Philippians 2:5-11, Luke 2

Excuse: “I’m at a disadvantage”

Jesus became an underdog, he disadvantaged himself to advantage others.

The disadvantages of the underdog:

  1. Jesus was disadvantaged in security. (Luke 2:6-7)
  2. Jesus was disadvantaged financially. (Luke 2:22)
  3. Jesus had a disadvantaged neighborhood. (Luke 2:39)
  4. Jesus had a disadvantaged appearance. (Isaiah 53:2-3)

The underdog advantage:

  1. Be Courageous
  2. Be Generous
  3. Be Approachable
  4. Be Loving


Excuse: “My label limits me.”

Scripture: Genesis 32

Jacob’s Advice:

  1. Labels can be life changing.
  2. Own the truth of your label. (sinner by choice)
  3. God can change your worst label. (sinner by grace)

Question: What will you do with the offer of God?


Excuse: “Weary from long nights & empty boats.”

4 Lessons:

  1. Jesus often asks you to take another turn.
  2. Choose God’s Way.
  3. There’s MORE when you do it HIS Way.
  4. Jesus invites you to fish for bigger fish.


  1. Where are you weary from long nights and empty boats? What if God wanted you to give you MORE? Where do you need to giveSometimes we are weary from “long nights and empty boats”. What if God wanted to give you more? What do you need to give another try and do God’s way?  another try & do it God’s way?
  2. PK will be fasting & praying again on Monday, 8/18. We’re asking God to move on the hearts & minds of 12Stoners to sign on as Pioneers (for bigger fish). Will you join in fasting & praying for perhaps a meal? (or more)
  3. Would God SEND you as a Pioneer for one of the 5 Campuses?

Financial Breakthru – Week 3

Today’s message is the third and final in the Financial Breakthrough series. In last week’s message, PK discussed one of the Ten Commandments, “Thou shall not covet.” He challenged us to take the steps necessary to move from coveting to contentment. This week’s message was PK’s annual, candid conversation about tithing. How, you might ask, does tithing—giving away more money—lead to a financial breakthrough? PK answers the “how” and the “why” in a very honest, thought provoking way. We might refer to this lesson as the “Skittles” lesson.

Q: Why do I faithfully RETURN the whole tithe to the storehouse?

#1) Because the Tithe Belongs to God.
Psalm 24:1; I Corinthians 10:26; Malachi 3:6-11

Skittles lesson

  1. I (God) provided them
  2. I (God) didn’t need them
  3. I (God) could take them
  4. He (we) needs to give them (it impacts our relationship)

#2) Because I Trust Him and want his Favor on my finances. (Proverbs 3:5-10

Financial Breakthru – Week 2

Today’s message is week two in the Financial Breakthrough Series. This week PK discussed one of the Ten Commandments; “Thou shall not covet.” PK challenged that as we covet and become more focused on the “stuff” in life that we wander from our faith in God. He encouraged that God has a recipe for winning with money that is both biblical and universal. To teach that recipe, PK invited financial “Chef” Dave Ramsey (via video) to teach about 5 Basics of Biblical Finance.

Scripture Reference: 1 Timothy 6:6-­‐11 5 Basics of Biblical Finances:

  1. Get out of Debt
  2. Act your Wage
  3. Get on a Budget
  4. Save and Invest
  5. Give

Financial Breakthru – Week 1

What do you build your life on? Fulfillment or fun?

Fulfillment has meaning,
Fun has moments,
Always put fulfillment before fun!

Need to Know:
1) Fun first will break your budget and leave you twice empty.
2) Fulfillment first proves more significant over time. (Fun proves less significant over time.)

Need to Do:
Stop impulse purchasing
Start impulse praying

Ecclesiastes 2&5
Matthew 6