What Is the Source of Your Standards?

For God’s voice to always move us from tolerance to truth, the Bible — in its entirety — must be the source of our standards. That’s because if you aren’t willing to listen to everything God has to say, you eventually won’t hear anything He has to say. And if you want to hear His comforting voice, you have to listen to His convicting voice. Remember: It’s often what we want to hear least that we need to hear most.

The Power Behind the Voices We Listen To

The voices around us have tremendous power to help us or hurt us. That’s why we should make sure God’s voice is the loudest voice we hear to receive the encouragement, direction, correction, comfort, and more, that He has for us.

Our Heavenly Father’s voice is the most important voice in our lives. We must tune out all the other voices we hear — even the thoughts we have playing through our minds.

Don’t Be a Monday Morning Atheist

An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in God. A “Monday Morning Atheist” is someone who believes in God, but leaves Him home for the workweek. If we’re honest, many of us would admit we’re discouraged and exhausted by our work (whether it’s for a job or school). Millions of people truly dread Monday mornings.

Pastor Todd Mullins of Christ Fellowship Church says we need a “Take God to Work Day” to remind ourselves that that is exactly where God needs to be. To give us joy, to affirm our purpose, to keep us at peace, and to help us stay focused on our work, we need to actively seek the presence of God and invite him into our work space.

We’ll find our assignment is sacred, and our dread will disappear.

How David Glorified God in the Cave

As David and his mighty men were holed up in a cave for his safety, David longed to be free and enjoy the comforts of home. Three of his mighty men risked their lives to deliver what he craved most. Instead of enjoying the water from his favorite well in Bethlehem, he poured it out as an offering to God.

Pastor Brian Tome of Crossroads Church explains how we can experience this kind of transformation. We know we’ve turned a corner in our suffering when we stop thinking about ourselves and our problems. And we start thinking about God, and how worthy He is to be praised and worshiped in all situations.

The Momentum David Gained

Senior Pastor Brian Tome of Crossroads Church recreates David’s run down the mountain and the casting of stones, as he tells the Bible story of the battle of David and Goliath.

In our lives, we can see parallels to being in a valley and facing a seemingly impossible-to-beat giant. With God’s help, we can gain momentum and conquer life’s battles.

Bless Someone

No matter where we are, we can find someone to bless. When we start our day, we should ask God to show us who that might be. It could be a family member, a friend, a coworker – even a stranger. It doesn’t matter whether the blessing is big or small. The recipient will know they matter to God. And we might find that God even blesses us in the process!

Faith Seeks God Earnestly

It’s not enough for us to live off someone else’s faith. We need to seek God earnestly ourselves so that we can have our own experiences with God and grow our faith.

When we seek God, we will see God – and that will compel us to seek God further. This practice helps us to solidify faith as the center of our lives.

Faith Sees God Early

Just like Joshua in the Bible, we can choose to see an opportunity for faith instead of falling victim to fear.

The faith of seeing God early in the midst of trouble is a mindset and practice we can develop. Then, when the rest of the world only sees problems, we can recall God’s promises.

God Asks Us to Join the Fight

Pastor Kevin shares the Bible story of Gideon’s against-the-odds battle with the Midianites, and what he loves most about the story – that God didn’t leave Gideon on his own, and God also didn’t remove the requirement for Gideon to fight.

We should all be confident that what God invites us to do with Him, He will do with us. Even when we’re afraid, feel defeated, and are exhausted, God will never abandon us.

What Is Denying God and Defeating You?

If we’re going to be lovers of pleasure, indulgence, and immediate gratification, we’re never going to accomplish all the things God has for our future.

But we’re not alone in this – God will empower us to become conquerors over the things in our lives that interfere with who He has called us to be. Simply ask God for His help, and in faith, begin making necessary changes.

How Do I Know an Answer I Get Is from God?

When we’re sure God answered a prayer, we want to shout it from the rooftops, and thank God over and over! But when we aren’t sure the answer was from God, we have a very different experience – we don’t thank God, we don’t get encouraged in prayer, and we don’t understand the value of the cycle of prayer.

Remember, the God of the universe has the supreme power to answer our prayers in unexpected, surprising ways. Trust His sovereignty.

How Can We Help Kids See Answers to Prayer?

As we pray with our kids and they’re getting older, we transition from mere thankfulness to the concept of being cooperative with God.

Think of it this way: the first half of things we ask of God can be answered by gifts He’s already given us – a body, a mind, the earth, the capacity to work, etc. The second half is God doing things for us that we cannot do for ourselves. We cooperate with God to answer prayers; we both do our part.

When I Feel Like God’s Not Hearing Me, Should I Keep Praying?

There are times we casually ask God for something, and we’re not even aware of what will be involved in how God answers that prayer. For example, if we ask God for wisdom, we should be actively working to gain it.

How? Our focus should change from a material-centered lifestyle to a spiritually-centered intensity. Combining the fervency and persistent nature of our prayers, maturing, and fasting will all develop our spiritual life and help us gain wisdom – and we can’t rush that process.

What if You Pray for Something that Isn’t Healthy?

If what we’re praying for is not consistent with the word of God, then whatever we’ve gained is not from God. When we violate the word and the wisdom of God, what we get on the other side is not the will of God. God will not answer our prayer in an unhealthy way that goes against what He teaches us in the Bible.

How Do You Talk with a Non-Believer about Prayer and God’s Will?

Sometimes friends who don’t believe in God ask us, as Christians, to pray for them. When things don’t go as we hoped and prayed, our friends feel disappointment and we feel uncomfortable. Pastor Kevin explains practical, step-by-step ways to pray with non-believers and how to follow up later to initiate conversations about faith.

Prayer Is Not for God, It’s for You

Why should we pray if God already knows what we need? Theologian John Calvin offers an insightful explanation. In short, prayer is not for God, it’s for us. God knows what we need, and He’s faithful to provide it. But when we pray, we exercise our faith, release anxiety, and are reminded of who God is.

When we don’t pray, we’re at risk of believing everything we need falls upon us to provide. Remember, it’s not our own efforts and abilities that afford us what we need. It’s always God who does the blessing.

Prayer Fills a Gap that Needs Continual Filling

Just like the deposit and withdrawal nature of relationships, our spiritual life goes through similar cycles. The design of prayer is that when we pour out our prayers to God, He continually pours into us.

So is it normal to hit “empty” often? Absolutely. God didn’t design prayer to be a one-time thing; it’s meant to happen every day.

The Order of The Lord’s Prayer Matters

Jesus taught the disciples how to pray by modeling a prayer – The Lord’s Prayer. What Jesus demonstrated is that the order of our prayers matters. It all starts with recognizing the holiness and greatness of God, and His will mattering more than our own.

There is nothing above God, and everything that transpires in our lives is for His glory alone.

God Shapes Life Through Prayer

There are many future events in the Bible that were preordained by God – they will happen no matter what. But God has made it clear that not everything is set in stone. God is moved by our prayers, and we can participate in the shaping our lives through the act of prayer.

This does not, however, make God our servant. Sometimes He will answer the way in which we desire and sometimes He won’t. The mark of maturity comes through trusting God regardless of how He answers.

The Power of Prayer Isn’t in Our Words

When it comes to prayer, there’s no power in our words. There’s power in the word of God: in that we can pray to God, the Father, in the name of the son, Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our prayers can be brief, and our words don’t have to be elaborate or impressive. We should simply speak from the heart, and pray with each other continuously – in good times and in bad times.

We Give the Bible the Highest Place

When we give the Bible the highest place in our life, we put God’s word and His wisdom above our own thoughts and reasoning. We acknowledge the Bible as the most reliable guide for life. That’s because everything we need to know – about marriage, family, finances, morality, eternity, and more – is all tucked inside God’s word.

The life that God invites us to in the Bible is better than the life we can build on our own.

The Bible Has Authority

The Bible should set our foundation for truth and how we should live our lives. However, it’s easy to fall prey to our emotions and want to do what we think or feel is right at the time.

Remember: Truth is not defined by our culture or our feelings, but by what God reveals in the Bible.

God invites us to submit to His authority, and His way is always the best way.

What Is Unique About the Christian Worldview of God?

In every other religion, people either have to know something, experience something, or do something to be made right with God.

In Christianity, the grace of God comes to us because of His innate love for us. That grace comes in the form of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for our sins.

It is God’s love and grace that separates Christianity from other world religions.

We Need a Shepherd Every Day

Some people mistakenly believe they only need a shepherd to lead them to eternity. And once they accept Jesus, they stop seeking God and live their lives according to their own desires. The truth is, we all need a shepherd every single day. The nature and the heart of God is to also be our shepherd on earth – through every step of our life’s journey.

Even as we love and shepherd others, God is shepherding us.