Faith Seeks God Earnestly

It’s not enough for us to live off someone else’s faith. We need to seek God earnestly ourselves so that we can have our own experiences with God and grow our faith.

When we seek God, we will see God – and that will compel us to seek God further. This practice helps us to solidify faith as the center of our lives.

When I Feel Like God’s Not Hearing Me, Should I Keep Praying?

There are times we casually ask God for something, and we’re not even aware of what will be involved in how God answers that prayer. For example, if we ask God for wisdom, we should be actively working to gain it.

How? Our focus should change from a material-centered lifestyle to a spiritually-centered intensity. Combining the fervency and persistent nature of our prayers, maturing, and fasting will all develop our spiritual life and help us gain wisdom – and we can’t rush that process.

Growth Starts with Connecting with God

Using Pastor Kevin’s baseball analogy, God’s pattern for our lives starts at home plate. This means our spiritual growth starts with us connecting with God, our Creator.

We discover that God created for us for a reason, and He will give us the power to accomplish our life’s purpose.

Life begins to make sense when we understand why God created us and what we’re here to do.

Win Dependence

Sometimes as we honor God and go through trials in life, we wonder what God could possibly be doing. Life gets difficult and our situation gets worse – and we wonder, “Where is God?”

Perhaps in these times, God is teaching us to “win dependence.” Children move from dependent to independent as they grow, but as Christians, the opposite should happen in our relationship with God. As we grow spiritually, we move from self-reliant to God-reliant.

Complacent Spirit

When you come to faith in God through Jesus, you are transformed in the moment, but you’ll never fully “arrive.” You have a lifetime of pursuing God ahead. You will spend the rest of your days “in flight.”

Don’t settle for a complacent spirit that tells you you’ve arrived with God. Keep chasing Him and striving to be more like Him every day.



Scripture: Philippians 2:5-11, Luke 2

Excuse: “I’m at a disadvantage”

Jesus became an underdog, he disadvantaged himself to advantage others.

The disadvantages of the underdog:

  1. Jesus was disadvantaged in security. (Luke 2:6-7)
  2. Jesus was disadvantaged financially. (Luke 2:22)
  3. Jesus had a disadvantaged neighborhood. (Luke 2:39)
  4. Jesus had a disadvantaged appearance. (Isaiah 53:2-3)

The underdog advantage:

  1. Be Courageous
  2. Be Generous
  3. Be Approachable
  4. Be Loving


Excuse: “My label limits me.”

Scripture: Genesis 32

Jacob’s Advice:

  1. Labels can be life changing.
  2. Own the truth of your label. (sinner by choice)
  3. God can change your worst label. (sinner by grace)

Question: What will you do with the offer of God?


Excuse: “Weary from long nights & empty boats.”

4 Lessons:

  1. Jesus often asks you to take another turn.
  2. Choose God’s Way.
  3. There’s MORE when you do it HIS Way.
  4. Jesus invites you to fish for bigger fish.


  1. Where are you weary from long nights and empty boats? What if God wanted you to give you MORE? Where do you need to giveSometimes we are weary from “long nights and empty boats”. What if God wanted to give you more? What do you need to give another try and do God’s way?  another try & do it God’s way?
  2. PK will be fasting & praying again on Monday, 8/18. We’re asking God to move on the hearts & minds of 12Stoners to sign on as Pioneers (for bigger fish). Will you join in fasting & praying for perhaps a meal? (or more)
  3. Would God SEND you as a Pioneer for one of the 5 Campuses?


Scripture: Book of Esther

Excuse: “My chances are slim.”

4 Lessons:

  1. Never call serving others a “little thing”.
  2. Uncertainty is certain (be humble).
  3. Choose “uncertain but serving” over “certain but selfish”.
  4. Let “God is Certain” become your peace.


  • Are you facing an ‘uncertain circumstance’ in marriage, career, finances, health or faith? Can you serve to change it? (Would you let “God is Certain” become your peace?)
  • PK will be fasting & praying the next two Mondays (Aug 11 & Aug 18) asking God to move on the hearts & minds of 12Stoners to sign on as Pioneers. Will you join in fasting & praying for perhaps a meal? (or more).
  • Would God SEND you as a Pioneer for one of the 5 Campus? Become A Pioneer



Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Excuse #1  – “I’m not qualified enough.”

3 Lessons:

  1. Overlooked by others is not the end.
  2. Underdogs can become a God’s anointed Top Dogs.
  3. A promising future doesn’t skip the growth process.


  • Are you in an underdog marriage, career track, or spiritual path and excusing yourself?
  • Where are you skipping the growth process?
  • Would God anoint you as a Pioneer for one of the 5 campuses?

What is God’s Will For My Life?

Guest Speaker: Kevin Queen

3 Attributes of God

1.     God is ­­­­­­________________. He is with you. (Psalm 139:7-8)

2.     God is ________________. He is at work. (Psalm 139:9-10)

3.     God is ________________. He is for you. (1 John 4:8)


God’s primary plan for your life is not for what you _____   it’s for who you ____________.