The Iceberg Leadership Principle

There are things in the life of a leader that live beneath the surface that we don’t see or measure well. God measures leadership in a person beneath the surface of the “water.”

  • Physical appearance lives above and Character lives below.
  • Flash lives above, Substance lives below.
  • Appearance is above, Anointing is below.

Most of the great leaders in scripture were people that no one else would have picked as a leader. God has a knack for taking people that everyone overlooked and forming them into something great for His name!

Bonus Week: “The Zax” – Parenting Through Prodigals

Scripture: Proverbs 1:7, 14:8, 14:3, 16:18, 19:3

Develop short-term pain tolerance for long-term purpose.

God understands parental Pain. There’s no one who understands better what it’s like to hurt as a parent than God.

3 Myths:

  1. Perfect parenting makes perfect children.
  2. It’s all my fault.
  3. I can rescue them.

3 Common Warning Signs of a Prodigal:

  1. Become Increasingly Self-Centered
  2. Think They Know all the Answers
  3. Demand Immediate Gratification

How to reach Prodigals:

  1. Unending Patience
  2. Unwavering Prayer
  3. Unconditional Love