Day 9: God’s Not Scared Of Your Mess

Read: Nehemiah 9

How do you picture God? Is He angry, vengefully looking to punish your next mistake?

That’s a different god than the God Nehemiah describes. God rescued the Israelites from slavery by parting the Red Sea and leading them to the promised land. When they were hungry, God rained down bread from heaven. When they were thirsty, water flowed from a rock. God provided for Israel at every turn.

You would think Israel would be forever grateful. But instead, Nehemiah describes them as entitled and arrogant. They failed to obey commands and forgot the miracles God performed among them. God had every right to punish Israel, but instead, He showed them grace. Though there were consequences for their sin, God never abandoned them. He relentlessly pursued them with compassion, love, and protection. That’s the kind of father God is.

Israel’s story is our story. Even when we are sinful, God pursues us, acting justly and faithfully, even when we do wrong. God is not scared of our mess. He meets us right in the middle of it.

Nehemiah thanks God for His mercy despite the Israelites’ sin. And hundreds of years later, God sends the greatest difference maker of all in Jesus. God chose these people with their messy past to introduce the Savior of the world to the world. He truly is a gracious God! In light of all God has done, the only response is gratitude.

Consider This:

How does looking at your current situation through the lens of God’s grace change your perspective?


Jesus, here’s how You’ve been good to me… (List the ways.)

Article courtesy of NewSpring

Jesus Has Already Won

We lose perspective when we lose sight of the promises of God. One promise we can forget is that Jesus has already paid the cost for sin.

God has already given us victory! So we persevere in our faith through adversity because we are saved.

Since Jesus has already won the battles, our new perspective towards adversity should be: “God, what are you trying to build in me?” not “Why is this happening to me?

God Changes Our Minds About The World

If we’re going to really reach out for good, God has to change our minds about how we see the world.

We are raised to believe that we live in a material world – that Earth is the beginning and the end. God teaches us that we are also in a spiritual world, a supernatural world. It’s a bigger world with a bigger purpose. We’re a part of something much bigger!