How Doug Jones Loves Others

When Doug and his wife, Laurie, learned they couldn’t have children of their own, they searched for another life’s purpose — a way to pour into young people’s lives. He encountered many young people on sets, in film school, at meet and greets, etc., so he didn’t have to look far for kids who needed love. “Puppies,” he called them.

Doug and his wife found that opening their home to young people (their “puppies!”) could be a profound way to impact others. In doing so, God fulfilled their longing to pour into young people, and then He divinely used Doug and Laurie to love and care for the young people in return.

Embrace What Hurts

Most people avoid pain at all costs. It’s uncomfortable and almost unnatural to embrace what hurts us. But it’s what can make us most like Jesus.

When we are blessed with a burden, we cry, we pray, we fast — and then we act. We’re so broken by what grieves God that we’re moved to do something to make the world a better place.

We should embrace what hurts until we can’t stand idly by another minute.

Focused Passion

There are so many worthy causes and organizations to serve people in need; it can be overwhelming to choose where to serve. Keep it simple — choose one and give it your all.

Remember: many things will capture your attention, but few things will capture your heart. Whatever issue gives you the most righteous discomfort deserves your deepest attention and passion. Once you choose that issue, team up with an organization who’s already on the ground doing the work. Combine your efforts. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

You Get to Work with God

1 Corinthians 3:9 tells us, “We are God’s co-workers in God’s service…” When you understand that fact, we gain clarity about our career and realize we’re working for a purpose — and not just a paycheck.

Many of our co-workers will never enter the doors of a church. They won’t ever have a pastor to explain to them what a life with Jesus is all about. But our co-workers have US. We can share with them through our example without ever having to recite scripture to someone over a cubicle wall. Simply live out your life with Jesus and they’ll start to wonder why you always have a smile and a good word about people. You just might be the answer to someone’s prayer.

Faith Seeks God Earnestly

It’s not enough for us to live off someone else’s faith. We need to seek God earnestly ourselves so that we can have our own experiences with God and grow our faith.

When we seek God, we will see God – and that will compel us to seek God further. This practice helps us to solidify faith as the center of our lives.

Growth Starts with Connecting with God

Using Pastor Kevin’s baseball analogy, God’s pattern for our lives starts at home plate. This means our spiritual growth starts with us connecting with God, our Creator.

We discover that God created for us for a reason, and He will give us the power to accomplish our life’s purpose.

Life begins to make sense when we understand why God created us and what we’re here to do.

Bless, Train, Send – Overview

12Stone is called to live for a bigger purpose:

Because of the rescuing hand of Jesus, we pursue personal transformation, one life at a time.

Transformation is the river that runs through everything that we do. We bless, train, and send. Jason Berry provides a brief overview of the layers and complexities in these:

In Christ, we live in God’s grace. Therefore, we invite you into God’s blessing to bless others.

In Christ, we live up to God’s potential for us. Therefore, we encourage you to a life of intentional growth.

In Christ, we live out God’s mission. Therefore, we challenge you to go into your world and serve.

PK’s Funhouse Dream

Kevin describes a vision God gave him of a funhouse with a long swirling slide at the end. The funhouse is a representation of life on earth for the unbeliever which ends with the slide going towards eternity in hell.

God used this vision to put a purpose for Kevin’s life: to rescue people. He encourages us to live life like we are at the top of the slide rescuing people.

Don’t Forget Why We’re In Church

We shouldn’t mindlessly attend church services. What goes on during a weekly gathering of believers is the “churn” that produces a better life! We are worshiping the one, true, eternally existent God. We are learning to be kingdom players on God’s mission to reach spiritually lost people. We are growing in our knowledge of the Bible, praying for each other, and enjoying fellowship.

Wage Earners: You’re Making A Difference

Don’t be so consumed with the routine and “churn” of your career that you forget the reason you’re working. You’re not just making a dollar; you’re making a difference in all you do.

On the flip side, don’t become a slave to your work so much so that you destroy the very reason you’re working – to achieve the better life God has for you. Make time for relationship with your Heavenly Father, your family, and friends.

God Still Has a Purpose for You

At 12Stone, we say “One Matters” because we believe every life matters to God. He has a purpose for your life and a plan to redeem everything you’ve gone through. Receive His love, find your purpose, and make a plan to live out God’s will for your life.

Millennials: Don’t Chase Your Passion, Learn the Discipline of Training

A lot of people in their teens and 20’s say, “I want to find my passion” and you spend years looking for that, all the while losing your TRAINING. Don’t chase passion, learn the DISCIPLINE of TRAINING.

EARLY Years are NOT about Passion, they are about Training! And when you learn what it takes to train you can carry that training into ANY arena of life and become skilled! David learned the SLINGSHOT first, and then took that training into the sword. The tools will change, the discipline of training will not.

Don’t Waste Your 20s

The early years for a leader are not for risking your life. The early years are about forming your life. Literally pouring a foundation for the rest of your life to be built on! If you miss this, you will waste a large portion of the purpose of the early years of your life!

Leader’s build better lives, but first they have to form a foundation.


Then he got into the boat and his disciples followed him. Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!”

He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.

The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”

Matthew 8:23-27 (NIV)

Following Jesus means making bold crossings.

Fear holds us hostage.

Fearless comes from a change in perspective:.

  • Fear filled: Storm > Us
  • Fearless: Jesus > Storm

Become Fearless:

  • Stay in the scriptures.
  • Start small.
  • Stand on God’s Promises.


  • Where are you in the comfort zone and God is calling you to a Bold Crossing?
  • What will you do to train yourself to be fearless?
  • How might Fearless become a Game Changer in your life?

Give Your Best Wherever God Puts You

Guest Speaker: Dr. John C. Maxwell

Scripture: 1 Kings 19

If you give your best in obscurity, God will recognize it.

If you give your best in small things, God will give you bigger things to do.

Thoughts About Small Things:

  • Give yourself completely to the task at hand.
  • Your purpose must be more important than your position.
  • When God does not give you a vision of your own, help another leader fulfill his or hers.

The Mantle of Ministry:

  • To pick up the mantle of leadership, you have to want it.
  • To pick up the mantle of leadership, you have to wait for it.
  • To pick up the mantle of leadership, you have to stick with it.

Fair Fight

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13

Love Redefines How You Fight

5 Fair Fight Lessons from Love:

1) “Love cares more for others than for self”  (Sponge)
Love absorbs annoyance.

2) “Love doesn’t fly off the handle”  (Frying Pan)
Love lets things roll off your back.

3) “Love doesn’t keep score of wrongs”  (Wastebasket)
Love trashes the list.

4) “Love isn’t always me first”  (Hammer & Nail)
Love hears before it’s heard.

5) “Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have” (Measuring Cup)
Love is content (or discontent will undo you).

Seek God


  • Genesis 2
  • Hebrews 10:23-25

Big Picture:  You were created by God and for God.

  1. He is the only person who can fulfill you.
  2. He has the power to change you.
  3. He is the purpose that is greater than your pressure.

Best Practice: Seek God by praying together.

Father, we ask that you would change us, that you would fulfill us, draw us closer to you and closer to each other. Amen.

The Building Years

Scripture: 2 Samuel 5, Deuteronomy 17:14-20

The world defines success as going up and to the right.

To maximize your potential you must get 2 things right:

  1. Guardrails
  2. Relationships

God defines success as not going to the right or to the left.

Drink The Cup

Scripture: Matthew 20:20-28, Matthew 26:36-46
In a world of “Pass the Cup” (and do my will); Learn to “Drink the Cup” (and do God’s will).
Give a Cup is ServingPour a Cup is SacrificeDrink the Cup is Surrender
Drink the Cup (2 observations):
  1. Play Your Part
  2. Play Hurt

Win With Conversation

Scripture References: Genesis 12 & 20; Philippians 2

1) This is How Abe Rolls – Looks to his own interest

2) This is How Jesus Rolls – Looks to the interest of others

“You have to want more for them than from them”

3) This is How Crucial Conversations Roll

Crucial Conversation is when 3 things Converge:


Win With Consistency

Q: What is the #1 reason for Disappointment?

A: Unmet Expectations

PK proposed that the number one cause of disappointment and divorce in marriage, and in other areas of our life, is unmet expectations. He called unmet expectations silent killers and encouraged that if we want to see less disappointment and more positive change in our marriages we need to pay close attention to all kinds of expectations in our marriage. PK taught that life is full of expectations and laid out four steps to walk through to address and manage our expectations. Life (& Love) is filled with “expectations”:

  1. …Expect them…
  2. …Explain them…
  3. …Inspect them…
  4. …Accept them…

Destination and Donuts

Today’s message by Pastor Kevin (PK) is the first in a series on making marriage last. The title was chosen as a metaphor to inspire us to make marriage long-lasting like the Corvette (which celebrates 60 years of production this year), a two-seater love affair (not a three-seater or a singleton), and fun! Focusing on the car’s purpose (to move us from point A to point B) and the fun of driving one (think donuts), PK left us with two conversation starters for our next date night:

  1. What is the purpose of our marriage?
  2. What can we do to add laughter?

Or, as PK’s rather cheesy little rhyme in the bulletin notes says:

  1. Destination: Give Purpose to the Miles
  2. Donuts: Give Plenty of Smiles