The Other Side of Sacrifice

Pastor Jason shares the story of a 12Stone family, who were led by God to do something significant for a complete stranger. God stirred their hearts to sacrifice to send an unnamed student, who didn’t know Jesus and couldn’t afford to go on their own, to “Never The Same” camp.

The family made budget cuts to bless this student with what could be a life-changing experience. And it was! They received word the student learned about the rescuing hand of God in a camp service and accepted Jesus.

God used their sacrifice of several hundred dollars to do something that changed all of eternity for one young person — all the while, marking the family with playing a part in an enormous blessing.

God Stirs Our Hearts

We all sacrifice when our hearts are stirred for something. When you live on God’s agenda, He will lead you to sacrifice for others.

One 12Stone family went so far as to move from their comfortable, suburban life to a low-income apartment complex so they could reach people for Jesus. Why? Because God stirred their hearts to have a deep love for the people there, especially the ones who don’t know Him yet.

Sacrifice Is the Core of Living Sent

The life of the Apostle Paul is a remarkable demonstration of sacrifice. He left everything he knew behind to do what God called him to do, and he experienced extraordinary hardships along the way, including prison and severe persecution.

We all know how to sacrifice for the things we love and enjoy. But can we sacrifice to Live Sent and meet the needs of others — even when it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient? Paul believed his life would be worthless if he didn’t live out what God called him to do.

Imagine how the gospel would advance if we all did everything God called us to do, and we spread the good news of God’s grace on a daily basis.

Why Should I Live My Life Sacrificially?

Everyone is asking this question whether they know it or not.

When Jesus asks us to live sacrificially, He is asking for obedience. He is asking us to follow him. Can we even get to Heaven without following Jesus?

Sacrifice on Earth isn’t really sacrifice in Heaven. We choose lesser things here so that we can see greater things in Heaven. Following is the richest life we can have with Jesus.

The Church

Scripture: Acts 1-4

Dedicated to Three Things:

  1. Strive for Unity
  2. Strive for Purity
  3. Strive for Maturity

Reflect: Do you need to repent? Return? Rededicate?

Really Short Stories for Really Busy People

The Wizard of Oz, like all great stories, borrows its power from the Original Story. They share a common construction, and we’re drawn to the story because it’s our story:

  • Everyone Gets Lost.
  • Everyone Needs Help.
  • There’s No Place Like Home.