Home Run Life – Week 5


  • Romans 12:1-2
  • 2 Corinthians 5

When & Why I’m Convinced, Compelled, and Committed to running the bases backwards.

  1. Convinced of Eternal Life
  2. Compelled by Love of God
  3. Committed as Ambassadors

In discipleship, we run the bases forwards.
In evangelism, we should run the bases backwards:

  • Give (we give ourselves away)
  • Get Better (gain respect for what you do)
  • Add Value
  • Personal Life

Response: In which “stream of influence” is your career/job?

Home Run Life – Week 4

Winning Third Base Pressure (in principle):
My Purpose is into Creator, not my Career! So I live & work for my creator first!

Winning Third Base Pressure (in practice):

  1. God is my provider, I Trust in Him.
    • Psalm 20:6-8
    • I turn to Him first in the morning.
    • I work up to 6 days, not 7.
    • I put time limits on my work week.
  2. God is my provider, I Work for Him.
    • Colossians 3:22-25
    • You cannot do shoddy work and ask God to bless it.
  3. God is my provider, I wait for Favor.

Response: Which of these 3 is taking you ‘out’? Is it time for you to bow to God (and His purpose)?

Home Run Life – Week 3

Scripture: Ephesians 5:1

Getting in Scoring Position (In Principle):
“Figure out what counts on the last day, so that you know what to count every day!”

Getting in Scoring Position (Keep Practicing):

  1. Keep your Word
  2. Keep your Calendar aligned with your Relationships
  3. Keep Short Accounts
    • Let no bitterness take root in your spirit.
    • Forgive what you cannot fix.
    • When you get a raw deal, deal with it right.

Response: Where are you getting thrown out at second?

Home Run Life – Week 2

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

Getting on base for a home run life: (Principle)
In the Vine, is the power to win within. When I drift from the vine, I drift into vice!

Three huge swings or you strike out: (Practice)

1) Live for the Truth (or lose with a lie)

2) Plug into the Vine (it’s not my power)

3) Draw the Line (be done with this “one”)

Response: Take a serious swing at this “one”. (Break the cycle of sin.)

Home Run Life – Week 1

4 questions that can transform your life:

1) What makes for a Home Run Life Dream?

  • Success
  • Someone
  • Self Respect
  • Significance

2) What can we learn from Joseph’s Life Dream? (Genesis 37-50)

  • Win Dependence
  • Win Within
  • Win With Others
  • Win Results

3) What is the pattern? (Gods Game Plan for Life & Leadership – Romans 12)

  • Home Plate – Connect
  • 1st Base – Character
  • 2nd Base – Community
  • 3rd Base – Competence

4) How do you run the bases of life? (How will you?)