Prayer Fills a Gap that Needs Continual Filling

Just like the deposit and withdrawal nature of relationships, our spiritual life goes through similar cycles. The design of prayer is that when we pour out our prayers to God, He continually pours into us.

So is it normal to hit “empty” often? Absolutely. God didn’t design prayer to be a one-time thing; it’s meant to happen every day.

Growth Starts with Connecting with God

Using Pastor Kevin’s baseball analogy, God’s pattern for our lives starts at home plate. This means our spiritual growth starts with us connecting with God, our Creator.

We discover that God created for us for a reason, and He will give us the power to accomplish our life’s purpose.

Life begins to make sense when we understand why God created us and what we’re here to do.

What Is An Awakening?

We’re all vulnerable to falling asleep spiritually. We can fall asleep to the greater life that God has for us and need to be woken up! Sometimes we need an awakening.

An awakening is a renewal of the fire in the soul. It’s how you get back on track to what matters most. It’s when you become fully engaged into a whole-hearted pursuit of God. It brings you back to chasing God to great things.