God Stirs Our Hearts

We all sacrifice when our hearts are stirred for something. When you live on God’s agenda, He will lead you to sacrifice for others.

One 12Stone family went so far as to move from their comfortable, suburban life to a low-income apartment complex so they could reach people for Jesus. Why? Because God stirred their hearts to have a deep love for the people there, especially the ones who don’t know Him yet.

Uncertain Future

PK draws from John 14 to explain how Jesus has built a box of faith formed by four promises from God’s Word that takes the “un” out of uncertain to give us a certain future:

  1. Our souls live forever and there is a place prepared for us in the Father’s house.
  2. Jesus is Lord forever and will return.
  3. Our body is not forever and we will all physically die at some point.
  4. Our access to the Father is certain when we pray in Jesus’ name.

Jesus invites us to be BOXED IN by these certainties that we might pray out of faith, not fear.

I Pray When…

One Conviction: Prevail in Prayer to Prevail in Life!

1) Prevail over Sin (Matthew 8:1-­‐4)
a) Repentance Road
1) You’re Lord
2) I’m a Leper
3) Please Cleanse me

b) 3 Traps on Repentance Road
1) Worthless Quitter
2) Excused Victim
3) Hard Hearted
Truth: 1 John 1:9; 2:1-­‐2

2) Persist in Prayer (Luke 18:1-­‐8)

The majority of the time, God is not hiding; we are. We hide sin and pretend it is not an issue. We must realize it is going to hinder our prayers. We can’t pray when we entrap ourselves in our lies. I pray when…? When I sin! That’s how we prevail over sin. Temptation doesn’t stop being an issue once we become saved. Repentance must be a daily part of our lives. Grab hold of the grace that not only saved you but also will sustain you. Prevail in prayer, and you will prevail in life.

I Don’t Pray

We Need to Know:

  • Prayer is not how you Secure control, its how you Surrender control

We Need to Do:

  • Hands Up

PK teaches us to surrender control in order to allow God to move and give us Huge Victories and Huge Peace. He challenged us to consider what we need to surrender (ie. Anger, Hurt, Frustration, Sorrow, Grief, Loss, Disappointment, Fear, Pride, an Independent Spirit, Prayerlessness).

When I’m Stuck

KQ teaches that fasting with prayer is the effective tool to getting unstuck. Where are you stuck? Use God’s given tool of fasting to gain traction; to step out in faith to apply intensity and focus to our prayer life, and to have courage to resolve like Daniel. Daniel had no idea what was on the other side of the fast, but what he found was resolve.

I Pray For Our Nation

Despite opposition by jealous peers and threat of death, Daniel stayed true to his faith and his commitment to pray three times daily to the one true God. In this message, PK draws from Daniel’s prayer for his nation in chapter 9 and highlights the importance of bringing the circumstances of one’s nations and politics to God in prayer.