If Not Me, Then Who?

If we don’t take action, who will? The answer is no one. That’s a haunting thought. But there is good news!

We were created by God with a purpose to do good works, which He prepared for us to do. We are the answer. God has placed us right where we are to solve problems and fill needs that we see around us. What a privilege that we are God’s answer and that He will give us the courage to take action.

Day 2: What Are You Doing About It?

Read: Nehemiah 2

Nehemiah prayed and waited. Then it happened. At just the right moment, Nehemiah was able to speak with the king. The king opened doors and provided the resources Nehemiah desperately needed.

God had perfectly positioned Nehemiah to make a difference. It was God who gave Nehemiah influence with the king as his cupbearer. It was the perfect set up.

Nehemiah could have said, “I’ve prayed, now God will do it.” And while God can handle His work, He chooses to work through obedient people. Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”

God establishes the plans of doers. Nehemiah did more than complain about a problem. Nehemiah acted. He did more than pray. With courage Nehemiah spoke to the king. Not satisfied with, “Someone else will do it,” Nehemiah boldly made his request to the king.

While we all doubt our own capabilities at times, it is usually a lack of action that keeps us stuck, not a lack of faith in God’s abilities. Just because our hearts are broken doesn’t mean we’re willing to do something about a problem. We can be sad about what’s happening in us or around us and do absolutely nothing about it.

Faith without works is dead (James 2:20). We’ve got to respond to the opportunities God gives us. Is your heart broken for something? Do you know what to do?

Consider This:

What keeps you from acting?


Jesus, I have a burden. I know what to do next. Will you give me the courage to act?

Article courtesy of NewSpring