Keep Battling What Beats You

Humble yourself, get past your pride.

There are places we are vulnerable to peer pressure and signature sins. It’s only when we let God transform those innermost places that we can be defeat what beats us.

A temporary “feel good” fix (like alcoholism, addiction, drugs, pornography, etc…) only starts to make us loathe who we are. Beyond getting over our pride, we have to keep battling what breaks and beats us. This is only done by letting God battle with us.

The Angst of Temper and Tongue

Matthew 5:21 and 22 – PK unravels the meaning behind these verses in today’s message The Angst of Temper and Tongue as he examines the cost of venomous words to others AND ourselves and how to triumph over the tongue—not by abiding BY a list of rules, but by abiding IN Jesus Himself.