The Risk of Not Praying

Prayer moves things in heaven to move things on earth. When you don’t pray, you risk missing out on the fullness of all God wants to do.  That’s because you can’t have the full engagement of God unless you’re fully engaged in prayer.

If you’re struggling to pray, ask yourself where else you’re struggling in your faith. Is your belief or your obedience faltering?

How Do I Know My Calling?

When it comes to our personal calling from God, wrestling over what that looks like isn’t a one-time thing. God knows exactly how to position His children where they need to be to fulfill His calling. But as we seek to know our calling, we should remember that our design reflects our destiny. There are six things we can consider when it comes to our calling: our history, our intensity, our capacity, our opportunities, our spirituality and our personality. The pressure is all on God to get us where He wants us to be.

How Do We Pursue a Calling and Marriage Simultaneously?

Before Christians should get married, they should talk all about their respective callings. Our callings are primary before marriage, but once we are married, our marriage becomes primary. If two people with strong callings don’t discuss their callings before getting married, there will be challenges. Figuring out how two callings work together requires compromise, prayer, and a commitment to one another above everything else.

How Can We Distinguish Between Moral Outrage and Authentic Passion?

We have more access to information about what’s going on in the world than any generation ever before. But in our relationship with God, He gives us a heart for certain things. We should have a heart for all of what goes on in the world, but we should only invest in some of what we see and hear. We don’t want to become de-sensitized to what’s going on, but if we find ourselves feeling hollow—if we read tragic stories without much emotion—we need to sit with God and ask for Him to restore our sense of compassion.

What Practices Can Help Get Us Through A Spiritually Empty Season?

When you’re in a spiritually empty season, remember that God is still at work. Sometimes He takes a step back so you can advance two steps closer. During these times, you’ll grow your heart for God and you’ll grow your strength for seeking Him.

Learn to pine for the Lord in your spiritual winter and you’ll gain new insight in your spiritual spring.

How Do We Stay Connected With Jesus?

People commonly believe that a faith-filled life means living in a constant state of spiritual high. That’s just not true. Every Christian will go through seasons of abundance and seasons of depletion – seasons of mountaintop experiences with God and seasons of wandering through life’s valleys.

Ask yourself if there’s sin in your life blocking your connection with God, and if you’re truly seeking Him. If there’s no sin and you’re faithfully seeking Him, your spiritual dry-spell is probably just a season.