21-Days on Spiritual Maturity

Being mature in spiritual intimacy is about a total commitment to knowing Him and being known by Him. This devotional study dives into who God is our relationship with Him.

Day 1: Like A Little Child

When we accept God’s offer of forgiveness for our sins through Jesus, we become His children.

Day 2: Engage

God invites us to intentionally engage in a relationship with Him.

Day 3: Praying Continually

Like Jesus, prayer should be a part of our daily lives.

Day 4: Receive

How do you respond to the gifts God gives you?

Day 5: Trust

In what areas are you good at trusting God?

Day 6: Worship

What gets you thinking about God and all that He’s done?

Day 7: Love

What God wants most is for you to get to know Him and love like Him.

Day 8: An Anthology

Once you learn how the Bible is structured, the meat of it starts to make a whole lot more sense.

Day 9: Out With the Old, In With the New

This is God’s gift to us: a new deal to replace an old deal; a new covenant to supersede the old one.

Day 10: The Bible's Authors

As surely as God’s spoken word created the universe, so His written word continues to work actively in our lives today.

Day 11: Getting To Know Jesus

Jesus represents God exactly, radiating His glory like a light.

Day 12: A New Song

Jesus has been found worthy of our praise and worship.

Day 13: Imperishable

Death could not hold Jesus. He simply walked out of its grasp.

Day 14: The Gospel

Will you proclaim the good news of freedom to those still held captive by sin?

Day 15: Give Thanks

Give thanks in all circumstances.

Day 16: Do Good

Good builds up. It supports, it grows, it loves. And ultimately, it points others to God.

Day 17: Be Sanctified

Are you living life fully aware of the Holy Spirit within you?

Day 18: Forgive

Let's start to be about the business of forgiveness.

Day 19: Give

How we give reveals the position of our hearts.

Day 20: Slow to Anger, Quick to Listen

Who doesn’t want to be considered wise instead of a fool?

Day 21: Serve

When we allow God to interrupt us in order to serve others, we are about His business.