Middle School Ministry

Middle Schoolers are curious. They wonder, they imagine, they question. What else is new? But sometimes the curious questions have a heartfelt core. What does Jesus have to do with me? Is the Bible really important? 12Stone’s Middle School Ministry focus is to genuinely listen and care for the hearts and minds of 6th-8th graders – to make them feel known and accepted in a place where answers can be found.

This is the pivotal time of transition out of childhood and the time that most adolescents choose to follow Christ. We think our leaders and volunteers are a valuable compliment to your parenting during this time.

Parent Involvement

One word: Balance. What is the right balance in spending time with your child relaxing, studying God’s Word, correcting, praying with, teaching life skills, and everything else you need to do? It’s one of the toughest targets to hit with middle school students. That is why we host parent training seminars, encourage parents to be involved in weekly programs, and serve as partners to make sure that the middle school years are some of the best for your family.

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