What Am I Playing For?

Everybody Can: Make A Difference | 12Stone Church

Saturday Prayer – 9-2-23

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What Am I Playing For?

Make a Difference

Everybody Can: Make A Difference | 12Stone Church

Everybody Can: Discover Purpose | 12Stone Church

Everybody Can: Find Freedom | 12Stone Church

Everybody Can: Know God

Everybody Can: Know God

Succession Sunday

How Can I Be A Daymaker? | 12Stone Church

What Is My Life All About?

What is My Life All About?

Why Do We Talk About Blood In The Church?


Sing Again

Awakening (Let Your Glory Fall)

Jesus My Victory

Blood of Christ

Christ Be Magnified

A Glimpse Of What’s To Come

Table of The Lord


Never Lost | 12Stone Worship

12Stone Worship | Live at Tannery Row


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Does Jesus Love Me When I Mess Up? | Pre-K

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