College at 12Stone

College at 12Stone Church

College at 12Stone

Welcome to the college and young adult ministry of 12Stone Church where 18-29 year old’s pursue personal transformation in Jesus through worship, community & impact. We’d love to connect with you!


Core Values 


Worship is developing a posture in our hearts that puts God first in our lives, here and now.


Community means we can’t do life on our own. God created us to endure, grow & learn by having people around us to pour into our lives.


Impact is living beyond ourselves. Living beyond the social media highlights and trends of the now into what God truly has planned for us.

Monthly Rhythms

Kickoff Night

On the first Thursday of every month, we gather together in the main worship center to kick off the month with extended worship and teaching that sets the tone and direction for the month.

Breakout Sessions

The second and third Thursday of every month, we host Breakout Sessions; these are targeted conversations and teachings centered around culturally hot topics with a biblical perspective.

Worship Gathering

On the fourth Thursday of the month, we gather together to experience the presence of God through worship and prayer.

Pop Up’s

On the fifth Thursday of the month (when applicable), we pop up in different locations around the area, engaging with our local community through authentic relationships and fun social outings.

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