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At Growth Track, you’ll learn more about 12Stone, your unique gifting & how you can make a meaningful impact right where you are.

What people are saying

“Growth Track is the BEST way to find out how and where you can most adequately serve at 12Stone.  I love how you learn the history behind our story, how the Holy Spirit works within you, and then how to use your gifts in a way that benefits you and your community.  It’s so simple it’s brilliant!”
Benjamin J. “Ben” Haynes
“My mom and I started Growth track and we learned so much about the church and how we can use our gifts to help others. I am meeting with the student pastor this week to start my journey volunteering for the High School Students! I am so excited to start this journey and see where God leads me.”
Dottie Almeida
“I am so thankful for my Growth Track experience and that 12Stone created a program like this to help members get plugged in. The whole process was intentional, encouraging, and informative. When finishing I truly felt as though the church had prepared me to serve with confidence while exercising the gifts God has given me. Thanks, Growth Track!”
Emma Lloyd
“Growth Track is foundational, informative and impactful. Coming in as a new person, it has been significant for me to know the heartbeat, history and pulse of 12Stone. We are truly a church that is rooted and grounded in the statement “Because of Jesus”.”
Kimberly Love
“Growth Track has been such a blessing for me! It has allowed me to understand my place within the body of Christ so that I can make a meaningful impact, that spreads not only through the church but my community as well. Through Growth Track I've been able to make genuine relationships with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!”
Patrycia Haymon
“In the past, when I joined a new church, it was hard for me to figure out where I fit in. 12Stone’s approach is unlike any I’ve experienced – it’s the easiest first step you’ll take. When you see your God-given strengths and gifts laid out and aligned with corresponding needs, you find joy, purpose and fulfillment. And Growth Track is what made that possible.”
Cecile Skinner
“Melissa and I began attending 12Stone Snellville several years ago. Following the pandemic, we decided that we wanted to contribute more than our weekly tithes and made the decision to attended Growth Track. Growth Track was a very positive experience for us, as we learned the history of the church, took assessments to help discover what God's gifts were for us, and ultimately discussed with our incredible Growth Track leader, Kimberly, where our next steps would be at 12Stone. Thanks to Growth Track, not only have we been able to contribute to the church through volunteering, but we've also made stronger connections as we've built relationships with church leaders and other volunteers. These relationships are crucial as we strive to walk towards Jesus, together, with our brothers and sisters in Christ.”
Trent Lawrence
“I joined Growth Track because I knew God was calling me to participate in the transformations he is making in our Church and in our community through serving. Thanks to Growth Track, I have a clear understanding of the mission and values of our Church, a renewed sense of purpose, and I've been guided into impactful serving opportunities aligned to the gifts God has equipped me with.”
Alex Lloyd

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