Leadership Team

01 | 05
Kevin Myers Founding Senior Pastor
Jason Berry Co-Senior Pastor
Dan Reiland Executive Director of Leadership Expansion
Dan Vander Wal Executive Pastor
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Abbie Spurlock Resident
Alex Carney College Pastor
Alex Otto Student Pastor
Allyson Bonzo Kids Pastor
Andy Brightbill Residency & Church Planting Director
Angela Owens Kids Pastor
Ansley Allen Worship Pastor
Becca Rawlings Resident
Bethany Brown Interim Kids Pastor
Brandi Overby Childcare Director & Campus Operations Coordinator
Brandt Grauss Student Pastor
Cameron Glasper Worship Pastor
Carson Marshall Resident
Codi Lester Resident
Collin Kosior Resident
Corrie Mills Kids Pastor
Coye Bishop Campus Pastor
Dave Carr Student Pastor
David Harvey Kids Pastor
David Hendricks Resident
Deidrick Overby Worship Pastor
Dominique Martin Resident
Donna Whitten Care at 12Stone & Small Groups Pastor
Emily Anderson Kids Pastor
Emily Helton Resident
Hannah Whitley Elementary Kids Coordinator
Jacob Bartlett Student Pastor
Jake Olver Resident
Javier Munoz Spiritual Formation Pastor
Jeff Ware Student Pastor
Jenna Perry Spiritual Formation Pastor
Jeremy Lacey Student Pastor
Jessica Phillips Spiritual Formation Pastor
Jon Rainwater Worship Pastor
Jonathan Steiner Resident
Josh Ivy Spiritual Formation Pastor
Joshua Cherian Resident
Justin Mathews Resident
Katie Bone Administrative Assistant - Spiritual Formation
Kyra Jarrett Resident
Kyra Jarrett Resident
Leah Grace Wiggins Resident
Mack Suits Lead Spiritual Formation Pastor
Marae Murphy Admin Assistant 12Stone Home
Marcelo Lagos Resident
Mason Brown Resident
Matt McMinn Spiritual Formation Pastor
Megan Prichard Worship Pastor
Michael Lane Resident
Michelle Capparelli Early Childhood Kids Coordinator
Miriam Arnold Campus Operations Coordinator
Morgan Langford Spiritual Formation Pastor
Nicole Malinowski Kids Pastor
Patrick Wilbanks Resident
Pharris Garcia Spiritual Formation Pastor
Quinton Huggett Resident
Rachael Zinnecker Resident
Rachel Meek 12Stone Home Next Gen Pastor
Rae Coughlin Campus Operations Coordinator
Robert Radosta Resident
Rod Roach Resident
Ross Richardson Resident
Ryan Kiesshauer Worship Pastor
Ryland Fox Spiritual Formation Pastor
Sara Suits Campus Operations Coordinator
Sarah Neary Kids Pastor
Scott Jones Kids Pastor
Sean Pierce Resident
Seth White Worship Pastor
Sorelyss McGinty Spiritual Formation Pastor
Stephanie Kiker Early Childhood Kids Coordinator
Taylor Childers Spiritual Formation Pastor
Teresa Dixon Nursery Coordinator
Titia Suggs Resident
Tori Konuszewski Children's Director
Ty Allison Resident
Will Bandy Resident
Yona Pino Worship Pastor
Zach Otto Worship Pastor
Zach Porter Student Pastor
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Alin Dragu Marketing Integrator
Andy Brightbill Residency & Church Planting Director
Annette Roux Children's Ministry Director
Barb Konuszewski Human Resources Director
Brandi Overby Childcare Director & Campus Operations Coordinator
Breanna Grissett Operations Coordinator - Next Gen
Caitlin Hall-Griffin Spiritual Formation Coordinator
Chris Huff Information Technology Director
Chris Morgan Pastor - Prayer
Chrissi Lyons Ministry Project Manager
Ciara McKinney Content Strategist
Coleen Richardson Creative Arts Project Coordinator
Dan Branch Security and Traffic Director
Dan Reiland Executive Director of Leadership Expansion
Dan Vander Wal Executive Pastor
Daniel Loggins Filmmaker
Dave Ronne Creative Design Director
David Hendricks Next Gen Filmmaker
David Metter Legacy Builders Executive Director
Diane Heller Executive Assistant to Founding Senior Pastor
Emily Loggins Resident
Eric Gill Warehouse Coordinator
Erica Edge Receptionist
Heather Mangum Residency & Staff Development Director
Jacob Taylor Service Programming Director
James Legg Film Team Director
Jason Berry Co-Senior Pastor
Jeremy Epps Lead Creative Arts Director
Jonathan Maloney Visual Brand Architect
Josh Myers Lead Accountant - Planning and Analysis
Josh Taylor Production Experience Director
Joy Marcelle Service Programming Coordinator
Karen George Kids Curriculum Coordinator
Kasey Wheeler Spiritual Formation Ministry Coordinator
Katie Ellis XP Executive Assistant
Kevin Kepes Payroll Administrator
Kevin Myers Founding Senior Pastor
Kim Godbee Marketing Coordinator
Kimberly Prieto Ministry Coordinator - Kids Resources
Lauren Sanchez Café Manager
Lee Baker Worship Director
Lesley Lewis Executive Assistant to Exec. Director of Leadership Expansion
Lindsey Crawford Social Media Strategist
Lisa Huff Administrative Assistant to IT Director
Loren Hildebrant Outreach Director
Maizie Howell Administrative Assistant Outreach
Mandy Cate Executive Support
Marion Caples-Carney Admin Assistant- Production
Matt Alford Production Logistics Specialist
Matt Huelsbeck Media Director
Matt Wunderlich Student Ministry Director
Megan Grabowski Lead Accountant - Finance
Melissa Haas Web and Analytics Strategist
Michelle Bryan Events Director
Morgan Welch Resident
Noah Williamson Lighting Specialist
Olivia Meeks Production Events Specialist
Patrycia Haymon Leadership Expansion Administrative Assistant
Peer Jambor Lead Marketing & Communications Director
Phil Matolyak Next Gen Creative Director
Richard Gatton Next Gen Worship Pastor
Ronny Cates Audio Director
Russell Allen Worship Development Pastor
Sandra Hamilton Administrative Assistant - Outreach
Taylor Davis Production Director
Terri Gagliardo Receptionist
Timmy Allen Creative Director
Travis Billman Creative Content Producer
Tyler Toms Audio Specialist
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