How to Engage Your 4th or 5th Grader Spiritually

Are you ready to ignite your child’s spiritual journey? Engaging your 4th or 5th grader spiritually is an incredible opportunity to help them grow in their faith and discover the love that God has for them. By nurturing their connection with God through scripture, prayer, worship, community, and making an impact, you can guide them towards a personal relationship with God through Jesus.



Scripture is a powerful tool to introduce your child to the teachings of the Bible. Encourage them to read age-appropriate passages and discuss the lessons together.  Check out the following Bibles to introduce your kids to God’s Word:


Prayer is another essential aspect of their spiritual development. Teach them how to communicate with God and encourage them to share their thoughts, hopes, and fears. Help your kids learn to trust God through prayer:

  • Encourage your kids to bring their questions to God: “I’m not sure what the right this is to do. Please help me, Lord.”
  • Encourage your kids to be honest with God: “Dear God, please show me that you are real.”


Worship can be a transformative experience for children. Encourage your child to participate in worship services or engage in family worship at home. Singing praises and expressing gratitude can deepen their understanding of God’s love.

  • Check out the 12Stone Church profile on Spotify for K12 playlists, and worship in the car or at home.
  • At mealtime as a family, talk about all the ways you have seen God at work today.


Community plays a vital role in nurturing your child’s spiritual growth. Engage them in church activities or connect with other families who share similar beliefs. Encourage friendships that support their faith journey.  Check out the suggestions below for helping your kids grow in faith:


Empower your child to make an impact on others’ lives through acts of kindness and service. Show them how they can be a reflection of God’s love by helping those in need. Your kids are never too young to make an impact!

  • Involve kids in church-wide initiatives.
  • Encourage opportunities to help at home and in your neighborhood.
  • Talk to your Children’s Director about KidServe, our discipleship program for fourth and fifth graders.


By incorporating these elements into your child’s life, you will create a strong foundation for their spiritual growth while reminding them that they are loved by God because they are made in His image. Get ready for an incredible journey as you watch your 4th or 5th grader flourish spiritually!

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