What if the answers to life’s most essential questions can’t be answered with a “why” but rather “who?” Join us for an on-campus round table experience where we tackle life’s biggest questions; How do I balance the priorities of life? How do I engage faith with family, friends and in my career? Where am I going and what’s my purpose? Who is Jesus and how does knowing Him impact my life? We invite you to bring your questions and bring your story as together we experience these topics. Through teaching, conversation, laughter and connecting we’ll outline practical tools to help you engage God and his pattern for living your best life!

Regardless of where you are at in your spiritual journey and no matter how long you’ve been at 12Stone, this multi-week experience is designed to help you identify and establish a personal road map to experience the more of Jesus and the more that God has designed for you – spiritually, relationally and professionally.


3-weeks, starts 11/6


3-weeks, starts 11/28

3 weeks, starts 01/22:


3 weeks, starts 11/6:

3 weeks, starts 11/30:

Hamilton Mill

3-weeks, starts 11/28


3-weeks, starts 11/27


3-weeks, starts 11/27