Norwood Davis Accepts Future CEO Position of Wesleyan Investment Foundation


God’s hand upon us for the next generation of His Kingdom work is evident in so many ways. He has blessed us with some of the most anointed, gifted, trained, next generation kingdom leaders among us. We have diligently mentored, coached, and equipped a rising generation. And while we send most of them out to other churches from our residency or from our highly developed staff, there are times when we “choose” those who will remain with us for years to come. Such is the case for the future Senior Pastor of 12Stone, Jason Berry.  And equally so for the newly positioned Dan Vander Wal as Executive Pastor. It’s time now to unveil the plan for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  Anthony Ferrari will be the new CFO for 12Stone effective July 1, 2022.


Here’s the God story:

Norwood Davis has served alongside me (PK) for 17 years. He quickly became a partner with me and Dan Reiland (formerly Executive Pastor, who has mentored/trained Dan Vander Wal and now serves as Chief of Staff). Norwood established 12Stone in the community with “Compassion” ministries serving in the Chamber of Commerce and multiple roles throughout the county. He simultaneously served as CFO and was central to all our campus expansions and growth. His business acumen and Kingdom heart are second to none. Without a doubt, Norwood was the God-ordained CFO for the work of God through us.


Meanwhile, Norwood has invested 10 years of personal development into Anthony. And that is going to pay huge dividends for 12Stone and beyond. I knew some time back that God was sovereignly orchestrating the unique relationship 12Stone has with Wesleyan Investment Foundation (WIF) and Craig Dunn (WIF’s CEO). WIF has been the banking, envisioning, investing partner alongside 12Stone for decades and we owe them a debt of gratitude. All that God has done (and continues to do) is intimately knit in this partnership. WIF is the most consistently Kingdom-minded foundation with a crisp clear vision and love for the local church. They foster a God-sized vision like no one else in this Nation. And Craig, Norwood and I realized that God’s hand and training has been upon Norwood to rise to a key leadership role with WIF. We are in AWE of the way God works for the good of His purpose and plans.


That said, 12Stone is so proud to send Norwood Davis to come alongside Craig Dunn at WIF. He will serve as Chief Strategy Officer starting September 1, 2022. Craig and Norwood will work closely together on a multi-faceted succession transfer. Norwood will become the CEO and succeed Craig by 2026.


Norwood will remain close to me in relationship, and I will continue to serve on the WIF Board of Directors. Norwood will remain chairman of the 12Stone Board of Trustees, and God’s work will advance by this shared investment. And the great news? WIF will get a great leader and couple. Norwood and Aerah Davis are the cream of the crop, and we celebrate what God is doing.

So, will you join us in prayer for Norwood, WIF and God’s favor upon them as they imagine what God might do next through WIF? And, to be sure, 12Stone will continue a great partnership with WIF. May God be honored and His Kingdom forcefully advance.


For God is good all the time,



P.S.  I will provide mentoring access to Jason Berry once he becomes Senior Pastor (date yet to be announced). And I will joyfully demonstrate how the Kingdom is designed to function by working for Jason at the same time. We are convinced “The Church” should be led by the generation raising a family. Equally, Dan Reiland will provide mentoring access to Dan Vander Wal for the same reasons as he rises in kingdom influence and responsibility. Equally, Norwood Davis will provide mentoring access to Anthony Ferrari as he rises in his CFO role. May we all get behind the rising generation as God unleashes fresh momentum through the next generation of staff and lay leaders as they reach a new generation for Christ!


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