Do Something

Sep 2018

Every great movement starts with the question, “Will you do something?”. We were created to do something good. To cause trouble for good in our world. But before God causes trouble for good through us, God causes trouble in us.

I Don't Pray

Sep 2018

Prayer is not how you secure control. It’s how you surrender control.

Truth Be Told

Aug 2018

Extinguishing The Lies We Believe

12Stone Summer

Jun 2018

School may be out for summer, but our spiritual growth shouldn’t be.

The Reward of Faith

May 2018

The reward of faith is God’s presence, purpose, and power in our lives.

Faith Conquers

May 2018

Faith is trusting God in our actions.

Mom's Day 2018

May 2018

Praying moms are rebels for God in a godless world.

Pray Like Jesus

Apr 2018

The disciples never asked Jesus how to preach or perform miracles, they asked Him how to pray.

Easter 2018

Apr 2018

The resurrection of Jesus is the most amazing debt forgiveness plan in all of existence.

Pull Up A Chair

Mar 2018

At the kitchen table, families discuss what it means to follow Jesus, how to make decisions, and what are their family values. These 4 core 12Stone teachings will help you make it or break it in life.


Feb 2018

Living a transformed life is living a sent life.

Super Bowl Sunday 2018

Feb 2018

4 perspectives in 1 teaching on enduring adversity.