Feb 2018

Living a transformed life is living a sent life.

Super Bowl Sunday 2018

Feb 2018

4 perspectives in 1 teaching on enduring adversity.

Keep It Together

Jan 2018

When life's pressures are pulling a family apart, Biblical values can pull it back together.

Do Good Feel Good Christmas

Dec 2017

The joy of the Christmas season comes not by receiving gifts, but doing good for others. Join us as we explore how creating a heartfelt Christmas we’ve always desired is actually found by giving ourselves away for the good of others.

I'm OK I'm OK Everything's Fine!

Nov 2017

The Truth About the Anxiety Lie

Unlearning Religion

Oct 2017

Half of learning something new is unlearning something old. We have to avoid wrong turns and follow the path laid out in scripture so that we can know the truth in God’s Word.

30 Minute Theology

Oct 2017

The study of the nature of God and His Truth is Theology.

At The Movies

Sep 2017

Sometimes life's best lessons are found out of this world.

Awakening Weekend

Sep 2017

What if prayer is God is hosting a moment and inviting you in?


Sep 2017

Dr. Benji Kelley joins us from Newhope Church in Durham, NC.

Good Question.

Aug 2017

What questions do you have about God, Culture, The Bible, Relationships? We've taken your thoughts and wonderings and put them into this series!

Weird Stuff In The Bible

Jul 2017

Some stuff in the Bible is just plain weird. Is there a purpose to these things? What can we learn from weird stuff in the Bible?