The Second Happy Vow Renewal

The Second Happy Vow Renewal

How to plan and prepare to renew your vows

Step 1 - Commit to Vow Renewal

Give your marriage the yes it deserves. Set aside time to slow down, have a conversation, and agree to re-commit to your marriage.

Step 2 - Agree to a Vow

Feel free to use our pre-written vows or write your own to give them a personal touch.

Step 3 - Pick Your Attire

While we will lean into casual attire, you can choose your own experience whether it’s your Sunday best or favorite PJ’s, you decide what’s best for you!

Step 4 - Set the Vibe

Maybe you want to light some candles, celebrate with cake, but definitely have a few glasses prepared to make a toast! However you want to create an environment that inspires you to celebrate.


Download Your Vow Renewal Certificate

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