The Order of The Lord’s Prayer Matters

Jesus taught the disciples how to pray by modeling a prayer – The Lord’s Prayer. What Jesus demonstrated is that the order of our prayers matters. It all starts with recognizing the holiness and greatness of God, and His will mattering more than our own.

There is nothing above God, and everything that transpires in our lives is for His glory alone.

God’s Will, God’s Way

We must surrender to “God’s Will” and “God’s Way,” and we cannot separate the two.

“God’s Will” is His sovereign will – it cannot be changed; it’s what God wants most. He wants everyone to be saved and spend eternity with Him. “God’s Way” is His revealed will – what He has revealed to us through the Bible on how we should live our lives.

Daniel and Brie’s Story

Daniel and Brie share their emotional journey through infertility, and how God orchestrated people, finances, and treatments to come together to grant them the desire of their hearts. During the process, they learned to trust God – no matter what – and their prayer lives were changed forever.

Daniel and Brie were overwhelmed with joy when God not only blessed them with a pregnancy, but also twins, through a statistical rarity using only one embryo. It sweetened what they already understood to be an answered prayer and a miracle.

God Shapes Life Through Prayer

There are many future events in the Bible that were preordained by God – they will happen no matter what. But God has made it clear that not everything is set in stone. God is moved by our prayers, and we can participate in the shaping our lives through the act of prayer.

This does not, however, make God our servant. Sometimes He will answer the way in which we desire and sometimes He won’t. The mark of maturity comes through trusting God regardless of how He answers.

The Power of Prayer Isn’t in Our Words

When it comes to prayer, there’s no power in our words. There’s power in the word of God: in that we can pray to God, the Father, in the name of the son, Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our prayers can be brief, and our words don’t have to be elaborate or impressive. We should simply speak from the heart, and pray with each other continuously – in good times and in bad times.

Get Comfortable Praying with Each Other

Nowhere in “The Lord’s Prayer” are there personal pronouns – there’s no “I,” “me,” or “my.” It’s always “our” Father and “us.” When we come into relationship with God through Jesus, we join a bigger family. And prayer becomes a part of that family, so we pray together to our Father.

Because we share the same Father, we should be comfortable praying together and right in the moment.

What Prayerlessness Cultivates

When we’re prayerless, it cultivates pride and pressure because we’re not engaging God’s heart or His power. This makes the material world more dominant in our lives and the spiritual world (what really matters) less important.

As Christians, we can never outgrow God. We desperately need Him for protection, power, and wisdom – so we must keep praying.

Prayer Must Be Bigger Than We Understand

Jesus was God in human-form. He came from heaven, and he knew more than any of us. And yet he prayed more than any of us. In other words, Jesus, who knew most, prayed most.

For many of us, we mistakenly believe prayer matters too little to devote big time to it. For Jesus, he knew prayer was too big – too important – to devote too little time to it.

We Give the Bible the Highest Place

When we give the Bible the highest place in our life, we put God’s word and His wisdom above our own thoughts and reasoning. We acknowledge the Bible as the most reliable guide for life. That’s because everything we need to know – about marriage, family, finances, morality, eternity, and more – is all tucked inside God’s word.

The life that God invites us to in the Bible is better than the life we can build on our own.

The Bible Has Authority

The Bible should set our foundation for truth and how we should live our lives. However, it’s easy to fall prey to our emotions and want to do what we think or feel is right at the time.

Remember: Truth is not defined by our culture or our feelings, but by what God reveals in the Bible.

God invites us to submit to His authority, and His way is always the best way.

What Is Unique About the Christian Worldview of God?

In every other religion, people either have to know something, experience something, or do something to be made right with God.

In Christianity, the grace of God comes to us because of His innate love for us. That grace comes in the form of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for our sins.

It is God’s love and grace that separates Christianity from other world religions.

The Faith in Science

A Biblical worldview includes God as the Creator of the Universe. A Philosophical Naturalist worldview says that “everything came from nothing” – usually through “The Big Bang Theory” and evolution. While there’s no proof that God created the world and everything in it, there’s also no proof that the world came from nothing.

We either put faith in God that He created the universe, or we put faith in science. Either way, it’s a matter of faith.

The Bible vs Philosophical Naturalism

As Christians, we believe in God and the Bible. Philosophical Naturalists do not believe in God (or the Bible).

Some people mistakenly believe that because Christianity and Philosophical Naturalism are opposed to each other (in the belief of a Creator) that the Bible is opposed to science. In fact, there is nothing that conflicts science with Christianity, and the study of science was born out of the Christian faith.

We Need a Shepherd for Eternity

Our physical bodies will die, but our spirits will live on forever. And hard as we may try, we can’t make it to heaven on our own. It doesn’t matter whether we’re good people who do good works every single day of our lives. We need Jesus, the Good Shepherd, to lead us into heaven. Take hold of the rescuing hand of Jesus to spend eternity in heaven.


Understanding the Debt Jesus Paid

The idea of being rescued from our financial debt is thrilling. We can imagine how freed up we would feel! The reason we don’t get as excited about Jesus, and His sacrifice for our sin debt, is because we don’t really understand it. It pales in comparison when we measure our financial debt against our sin debt – and Jesus’s offer to “pay it all.” What Jesus did is rescue us for eternity!

Easter isn’t about bunnies, eggs, and baskets. Easter is about eternal life through Jesus Christ.

We Need a Shepherd Every Day

Some people mistakenly believe they only need a shepherd to lead them to eternity. And once they accept Jesus, they stop seeking God and live their lives according to their own desires. The truth is, we all need a shepherd every single day. The nature and the heart of God is to also be our shepherd on earth – through every step of our life’s journey.

Even as we love and shepherd others, God is shepherding us.

A Father’s Prayers

Matt and Lindsay describe the story of how their daughter started having seizures at a young age, and how they still handle that today. They consistently watch over and pray for their daughter, and know that God is also watching with them.

For Matt and Lindsay, following Christ is very real for them. They don’t know how they would’ve made it this incredibly difficult journey, but God has been alongside them and continues to be.


How Will You Run the Bases of Life?

As Pastor Kevin explains, we live in a world in which most people run the bases of life backwards. Sadly, many people wait until the end of their lives to acknowledge their Creator and connect with God.

It’s a great discovery to eventually come to God; it’s a better life to start with God.

Growth Starts with Connecting with God

Using Pastor Kevin’s baseball analogy, God’s pattern for our lives starts at home plate. This means our spiritual growth starts with us connecting with God, our Creator.

We discover that God created for us for a reason, and He will give us the power to accomplish our life’s purpose.

Life begins to make sense when we understand why God created us and what we’re here to do.

Learning to Value Others

When things are going very well, it’s easy to slip into self-importance. We start to believe we’re the very reason the business or marriage is so extraordinary. But things don’t typically grow and prosper forever. Difficulty usually sets in.

When God has us in a season of humility and things aren’t going so well, perhaps He’s teaching us to value others.

Win Dependence

Sometimes as we honor God and go through trials in life, we wonder what God could possibly be doing. Life gets difficult and our situation gets worse – and we wonder, “Where is God?”

Perhaps in these times, God is teaching us to “win dependence.” Children move from dependent to independent as they grow, but as Christians, the opposite should happen in our relationship with God. As we grow spiritually, we move from self-reliant to God-reliant.

What Is A Tithe?

“Tithe” literally means one-tenth. It’s a mathematical term.

When Scripture talks about tithes and offerings, it means 10% (tithe) plus whatever you give beyond that (offering).

Pastor Kevin explains why he and his wife, Marcia, have agreed to tithe regardless of their circumstances – through times of hardship and times of abundance. PK explains that he can always afford to give, if he gives first. In other words, we may not be able to afford everything we want, but we can always afford to give.