Is Having Debt A Sin?

While debt is not clearly labeled a sin in the Bible, it is discouraged in Proverbs 22:7, which reads, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”

That’s because we’ve all been given a size at which God wants us to live, and debt is something that limits that size. It’s a sin to live smaller than God intended.

What Practices Can Help Get Us Through A Spiritually Empty Season?

When you’re in a spiritually empty season, remember that God is still at work. Sometimes He takes a step back so you can advance two steps closer. During these times, you’ll grow your heart for God and you’ll grow your strength for seeking Him.

Learn to pine for the Lord in your spiritual winter and you’ll gain new insight in your spiritual spring.

How Do We Stay Connected With Jesus?

People commonly believe that a faith-filled life means living in a constant state of spiritual high. That’s just not true. Every Christian will go through seasons of abundance and seasons of depletion – seasons of mountaintop experiences with God and seasons of wandering through life’s valleys.

Ask yourself if there’s sin in your life blocking your connection with God, and if you’re truly seeking Him. If there’s no sin and you’re faithfully seeking Him, your spiritual dry-spell is probably just a season.

Why Is There a Generational Shift in Authority and Opinion?

Young people have constant access to their friends and acquaintances through smart phones and social media. This leads to less interaction with adults.

Then, when it’s time to make a decision, there are multiple voices competing for attention, and each begins to have equal weight – regardless of whether the advice is helpful and wise.

Embrace the positive aspects of constant communication with friends, but take time to learn from generations who’ve gone before you. They have a wealth of wisdom and experience to share.

Should We Submit to Poor Leadership and Authority?

The Bible gives us many examples of people who had to follow unstable leaders (e.g. David, Joseph, and Daniel).

Because people are imperfect, you’ll always follow imperfect leaders. Focusing on the value they do add to your life is key.

Remember, your relationship with authority tends to say more about you than it does about your leader.

How Do We Practice Emotional Restraint When Dating?

Miles says it’s important to limit how fast the emotional intimacy grows in a dating relationship. Many couples play “pretend marriage” in their dating relationship, but dating should be special. Miles suggested seeing each other a couple times a week, texting a couple times a week, and leaving things at that. Miles advises not to think too far ahead when dating, which creates a “fake” intimacy where commitment doesn’t match up.

We often used the word “love” too quickly; marriage is the ultimate expression of love and because love is more than merely an emotional commitment, using the word love in a relationship should mean that a commitment of marriage is eminent.

How Should We Date and Save Sex For Marriage?

There are two paths we can choose: the path of promiscuity, or the path of purity. The path of promiscuity begins with desperation, where we are alone and feel the aloneness deeply. This need leads to infatuation, which assigns characteristics to the other person that will fulfill our desperation. From there we move to isolation, and all we want to do is be alone with them, and that leads to unhealthy level of consumption, where we exclude everything else from our lives. Then we get to the point of concession where we decide either to just go ahead and get married, or break it off and begin alone again. This is an unhealthy cycle.

The path of purity begins with dependence – trusting God to fulfill your life. Then you move to interest, which is getting to know the other person. From interest, you lead to invitation; in this phase you are not leaving your life, but rather inviting that partner to speak into your life. Contribution means that the other person inspires and challenges you to be all you can in Christ. The final stage is creation, where the relationship you created – which may or may not lead to marriage – stands on its own.

Why No Sex Before Marriage?

There are two big relational principles in the Bible that we can bring into dating: one is commitment, and the other is intimacy.

It makes sense that God would reserve the deepest level of intimacy (sex) for the highest level of commitment (marriage). Until marriage, any other commitment can be described as “we’re exclusive, for now.” But as we know, that can change. So when you add the deepest level of intimacy to the mix, it does not line up with the level of commitment you experience, leading to heart break.