Pick What’s Important

One of the most important things you do every hour of your life – is decide what’s important.

Whatever you pick as important gets your attention, energy, time, focus, money, it gets you – in fact – to be intellectually honest – every minute, hour, day, week, month, year – decade of your life is shaped by what you pick as important. You can nearly predict someone’s future based on what they pick as important along the way.

Whatever is important to God, make it important for you & your family!

Marcia and I can illustrate with our 6 big rocks in life and then the 6 Big Rocks below each.

For us, the Primary 6 Big Rocks are in order. They build forward and surrender backward. So, for example, marriage is before family. So we invest in marriage to build family. But the family submits to the priority of marriage. Or, for example, we invest in Career, but career submits in many ways to family.

6 Big Rocks 

1. Kingdom (Creator)

    1. Find Identity in God our Creator
    2. Love & Worship God (as God defines love)
    3. We’re an eternal soul wrapped in a human body
    4. Jesus is Savior and Lord
    5. Love Others (as Jesus defines love)
    6. We build His Church (per N.T.)

2. Body (God’s Temple)

    1. Our Body is God’s Temple
    2. Male & Female by design
    3. Eat Smart
    4. Sleep Smart
    5. Exercise Smart
    6. Sexually Pure

3. Marriage (Oneness)

    1. Love 1st (after God)
    2. Listen & Understand
    3. Honor & Protect
    4. Sacrifice (give more than take)
    5. Sexually Exclusive
    6. Forgive & Restore

4. Family (Parenting)

    1. Love & Obey Jesus
    2. Family Love is TIME
    3. Tell the Truth & Keep Your Word
    4. Pay then Play
    5. Get Past Yourself
    6. Gumption to Grow

5. Career (Work)

    1. God created us to enjoy our work
    2. Work Smart & Hard
    3. Cease Work to Worship (1 in 7 days)
    4. Work as “unto the Lord”
    5. Keep learning (& learn to lead)
    6. Gain Success & Give God Glory

6. Money (Provide)

    1. God owns it all (it’s from him)
    2. 10%/10%/80%=Tithe/save/live
    3. Earn all you can
    4. Give all you can
    5. Enjoy all you can
    6. Use debt Cautiously

Rituals are things or actions you do consistently that reflect and then reinforce your values. Here’s a list of the Myers Family rituals as a way to help stir your own thoughts on rituals you can bring into your family.

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